Howler ProLink Alert Station

A closer look atthe Howler Alert Station:

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Illuminated buttons and LED indicators make the product easy to see.
    Symbols and colours make station visible at range and in low light
  • Optional anti-tamper switch-cover triggers a local alarm when lifted to
    discourage nuisance alarms
  • Key components are internal to reduce risk of damage/vandalism
  • Rear access battery compartment. 3-year battery pack with 2 independent
    power sources
  • Tough ABS plastic casing makes the product robust; additional flame-retardant
  • Class V0 enclosure
  • Optional backplate makes it easy to install. Intelligent design makes it easy to
  • 100dBA sounder with optional flashing/visual indicators
  • Tamper switch on rear alerts indicator station if device is messed with.

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