Construction site fire protection

Creating a radio linked fire warning system which is simple to install, use and maintain is not a simple task. But that is what we have done with the Howler ProLink evacuation alarm. We’ve focussed on what our clients have told us they need, and we have crafted it in the true Howler tradition: Reliable, Simple and Tough!

Howler ProLink

The all-new Howler ProLink® fire and warning system is a totally unique
battery-operated radio-linked system designed to be rapidly deployed in
situations where a hard-wired fire alarm system is not appropriate.
Although it is primarily used on construction sites, the system is suitable
for many other environments, such as events and exhibitions, and outdoor
workplaces e.g. landfill sites and campsites, marinas, and even on ships
undergoing refurbishment. It can also be installed as a temporary measure
when the hard-wired fire alarm system in a building is being replaced or

Click on any of the 3 major ProLink® system components below for more details on their capabilities.

ProLink Alert Station
Alert Station
ProLink Indicator Station
Indicator Station
ProLink Automatic Detection
Automatic Detection

Download the Howler ProLink brochure for full details of the ProLink range or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.
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