APS Protection offers flexible security solutions for commercial offices regardless of type, location or number of employees. Every product and service we recommend is designed with scalability in mind; an essential consideration when future-proofing your business.


The APS retail client base ranges from single shop owners to national chains and from high street locations to shopping centres. Regardless of the products being sold or the square footage of the retail space, APS will design, build and install robust, user-friendly security solutions which offer the highest levels of protection for premises, stock, staff and customers.

Commercial premises

APS Protection doesn’t simply cover traditional office or retail environments. Our team of experts can design, build and install a solution for any type of commercial space, be it leisure facilities, warehouses, mixed-use buildings… the list is endless.

There’s really no place too challenging for the APS team to apply their security expertise.


Perimeter protection is the first line of defence for many businesses. The early detection of trespassers can halt theft or vandalism and the presence of an effective security system can, in itself, often be a successful deterrent.


Video surveillance systems allow you to keep a close eye on activities around, or actually within, your business on a continuous basis. Closed-circuit TV technology has come a long way in recent years and APS has always stayed at the forefront of new developments. As standard, our solutions include the facility to receive high-quality live streaming of activity at (or in) your business on your smartphone, tablet or device of choice, wherever you may be in the world.

Access Control

The limitation of standard entry systems is that keys can be lost, stolen or even copied. Access control is a cost-effective alternative which limits access whilst providing a detailed record of who entered where, and when. The APS solution is both easy to manage and scalable, allowing control of a large number of doors by a single user or administration of varying access privileges across an entire workforce.


APS offer a flexible range of maintenance packages, with annual contracts from as little as £78 plus VAT. Including a routine service plus live chat with technical support, these contracts come with extensive systems knowledge and unrivalled technical expertise as standard.

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