Intruder Alarms

Companies of all types and sizes want to protect their assets. Office equipment, stock, personal possessions and increasingly valuable data and files can all be attractive to thieves and loss of any (or in some cases all) of these can be extremely upsetting, disruptive and costly to the organisation and to employees.

Statistics show that businesses with an alarm installed are less likely to be targeted by burglars. APS have a range of systems available, with features to suit the needs of all and these come in both wired or wireless options.

Wireless Alarm System

As wireless technology has developed, and generally become more readily available, the costs have been significantly reduced and now compare quite favourably to traditional, hard- wired systems (especially when installation costs are also taken into account).

The APS wireless alarms range has been designed to suit every business type and budget with individual, tailor-made features and functionality.

All APS Wireless solutions offer the following range of benefits:

  • Instant – quick and simple to install
  • Non-disruptive – less installation mess
  • Convenient – sensors can be placed almost anywhere
  • Portable – easily removed/ re-installed in a new location
  • Scalable – new sensors can be added easily
  • Accessible – can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone

Wired Alarm Systems

Wired intruder alarm systems are generally more suitable for medium to large premises (e.g. commercial buildings, factory sites, office blocks etc.) as distances between devices and the main control panel can be significant.

Whilst wireless options may involve a less disruptive installation process, the potential for interference and low signal ‘blackspots’ increases across large areas – a factor which must be considered to ensure maximum effectiveness on an on-going basis.

Another significant benefit to wired systems is the reduction in maintenance costs as, being connected to the main electrical supply, the individual devices do not need to have batteries replaced (a task which can be time-consuming when sensors are located in remote parts of the premises).

Alarm Installation

At APS we always start by applying our hard-earned experience to your specific circumstances and the security challenges you might face.

By considering every aspect of your site, your activities and your overall objective, we can design a system which will perform best within your particular business environment and offer you maximum protection.

What’s more, by understanding your budget we can make sure that the ideal solution is attainable and not just something for your future wish-list.

Alarm Maintenance

Installation of the best system is the first step in securing your business and the assets within it. To maintain the optimum level of protection- and continue to implement your duty of care – your alarm should be serviced on an annual basis.

At APS we offer annual maintenance contracts from as little as £78 plus VAT per year. As well as ensuring that the system is in full working order, we will also supply comprehensive service sheets which can be filed within compliance documentation/ site safety registers.

In addition, all APS maintenance customers receive a priority 24-hour emergency call-out service as standard.

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