Access Control

Keys introduce a significant element of risk when it comes to business security. Whether lost by accident or stolen intentionally, the potential to have original or copied keys in circulation (which allow unhindered access to your premises) is not something which should be ignored.

Restricted access entry systems do exactly as the name suggests; they ensure that those entering your business are permitted to do so and inhibits others from casually strolling in!

APS access control solutions offer an added level of security by allowing you to control exactly who can enter, not only the main door, but also individual areas within the building. Being PC-based, our systems can provide a detailed record of who was where, when, and for how long – information which you perhaps hope you never need but which can be invaluable in the event of an incident.

The APS system is both easy to manage and scalable, allowing control of anything between one and several hundred doors by an individual or a full staff (up to 50,000 users) with varied access privileges. Permissions can be made and altered quickly and easily to suit individual businesses and to keep up with any changes in daily activity.

External doors

Where main door access is your prime concern, APS can provide a comprehensive video entry phone solution. For single or multiple entrance points, our systems allow the effective management of access to those who do not hold an entry card.

Customised solutions

Every one of the APS access control solutions can be tailored to meet exact needs, both in initial design and in everyday use.

Flexibility of reporting options means that specific event information can be gathered in a few simple clicks, whilst customised formatting of reports allows a focus on the parameters which are of the highest importance to the business.

Our access control software can also be combined with many other systems and equipment such as surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, motion sensors etc. to provide a complete and robust security solution.

Access Control Installation

Your APS engineer will carry out a full site survey prior to providing recommendations. We use our in-depth product knowledge and our extensive installation experience to make sure that the solution we recommend is practical, gives you the level of entry control you need and remains cost-effective even for the longer term.

Access Control Maintenance

Your access control system is an essential part of your site security and therefore should be regularly maintained. At APS we recommend a full annual service to ensure that every element is in full working order and entirely fit for purpose.

Our service contracts start from as little as £78 plus VAT per year and for added peace of mind, all APS maintenance customers receive a priority 24-hour emergency call-out service as standard.

Access Control Monitoring

For additional peace of mind we can arrange to have your access control system connected to the APS 24-hour manned alarm monitoring centre. Out of hours (or during times when the premises are empty), this added level of vigilance means that the Police or nominated key holders can be alerted should there be concerns about any attempts to gain entry.

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